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Meaningful collaborations between the City, local businesses, community groups, schools, non-profits,

and our neighboring communities are foundational to Chandler's growth in economic success and quality

of life for our families. Based on my longtime experience and service to the city of Chandler,

I believe I can help maintain this path to success. 


This is my vision for our community and the experience I bring in order to make it happen.

Jane Poston and Jason Heinkel working in their business J2 Media shooting a video with Jane on camera and Jason operating the camera.

Small Business

As a small business owner who grew up in the East Valley, I’ve experienced the enormous growth of Arizona, and managed a successful small business through times of prosperity and national crisis.

Today, Chandler is facing the very real issue of being landlocked with limited land to use for new development. I’d like to apply my business experience to develop a creative and innovative vision of what the community can be.

We need to continue to attract businesses with significant impact. I want to make sure we have the sustainable jobs and quality of life our kids will want to come back to.

Economic Development

As a former city employee, I bring a unique perspective. You’ll always find me to be an advocate for government transparency and responsiveness.

I’ve worked hand-in-hand with each and every department, and possess a strong understanding of the workings of municipal government from the inside out, including experience with Economic Development on businesses in the Price Corridor and the Airpark and developing relationships with everyone from partner cities and business organizations to the faith-based community, school districts,

higher education and non-profit organizations.


My job was and continues to be building relationships.

Jane Poston in front of business center Continuum in Chandler, AZ showcasing economic development.
Jane Poston near Chandler City Council Chambers showcasing neighborhoods and community.

Neighborhoods & Community

As a longtime resident, I’m proud to call Chandler home. It’s clear that many families agree, making Chandler a community of Choice.

We have quality neighborhoods and beautiful parks in walking distance of every neighborhood, and our housing values continue to rise because of the quality of our diverse community and excellence of our schools.


I believe we need to manage the city in a fiscally responsible way to ensure

the longevity of the assets Chandler families have worked so hard to create.

Public Safety

Chandler public safety professionals in Police & Fire are integral to Chandler's success.


Chandler needs thoughtful planning and budgeting for public safety in order to ensure they continue to protect our homes, families and businesses long into the future.


I also know that maintaining Chandler's infrastructure- from our water systems to the streets and bike lanes we commute on will allow us to continue to thrive.

Jane Poston near city hall showcasing public safety.
Jane Poston sitting near a water fountain showcasing education and workforce development.

Education & Workforce Development

An educated workforce and excellent school system are top reasons businesses choose Chandler – creating the jobs and revenue that make our city a bustling economic engine.


Not only do businesses want to

ensure they can find the employees they need – those employees expect

excellent schools for their families.


We want our schools to prepare our kids for the jobs that are waiting for them. That starts at the primary and secondary level and includes everything from technical education to our community college system, and

top tier universities.


I'm committed to ensuring Chandler creates a foundation for businesses

and schools to succeed through my relationships with both the education and business communities.

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